Storing and Preparing Sausage for Cooking

Our sausages are freshly made and contain no preservatives, no stabilisers and colourants. The sausages are a natural product made from meat, spices and a small amount of fat. The casings are natural lamb casings (thin sausage) and natural pork casings (thick sausage).

Sausages will keep 9 months or even longer as a frozen product. The recommended freezing time is up to 9 months. Do not defrost the sausages and refreeze them.

Allow the sausages to defrost naturally, either in the refrigerator or at room temperature providing that it is not too hot. When the sausage is defrosted in a refrigerator, allow the sausage to stand about 30-40 minutes at room temperature before cooking.

Sausages can be defrosted in a microwave oven but we do not recommended this. Microwave defrosting partially cooks the sausage in the center and can lead to the sausage being overcooked and not as juicy. However it is up to you how you wish to prepare the sausage.

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