Important Information about our Products

All our products are supplied frozen in vacuum packs.

Our aim is to keep all our products fresh and thus our supply is limited.

Payment is made at the time of collection or delivery using a Debit Card or Credit Card.

You will receive an an e-mail confirmation when you have sent your order.  When your product is ready for collection / delivery you will receive an SMS from Sausages Finland. Products are picked up from our factory at Kolmihaarankatu 9C1, 33330 Tampere.

The cost of the product displayed in the basket and check out pages when you place your order is approximate. Our products are hand made and the weight of the product packages vary slightly from package to package .   You will be charged according to the exact weight of the products that are delivered to you. We try our best to deliver your products as close as possible to the weight and price displayed when you order.

We offer a home delivery service in the Tampere area. FREE DELIVERY FOR PURCHASES OVER €40 ONLY IN THE TAMPERE MUNICIPAL AREA. A delivery fee of €15 will be added to orders of less than €40. If delivery is required, choose the “Deliver to me” option when placing the order.

All our products are supplied according to availability We continuously make fresh products according to demand.