Our Sustainability Statement

Sausages Finland is a responsible, sustainable food production company committed to sustainability.

We operate from a factory that has been kept as small as possible in order to conserve space and energy. When not in use all the factory equipment except for the refrigerator, freezer and insect lamp is switched off. The temperature of the hot water boiler is turned down overnight and when the factory is not in use to conserve energy. We use as little heating as possible in winter. The heat generated by the refigeration equipment is used to keep the factory at a safe temperature for working with meat products.

All our products are sourced and purchased from Finnish companies. We try to keep the suppliers as close as possible to our home base in Tampere to keep the transport distance as short as possible. We are a local food producer and our products are mainly sold locally in Tampere, reducing transport distances. Our suppliers are chosen based on their sustainability statements and we only use companies that are committed to sustainability.

Our products are made to order, and we manufacture our products using LEAN principles. We only produce products when the order amount is large enough. This means that we make the most the product in the minimum possible time. Working in this manner reduces energy consumption, reduces the need to wash equipment, use chemicals and water uneccessarily and reduces food wastage by overproduction.

Sausages Finland generates as little waste products as possible. Only meat and spices is used in our products. We use no preservatives, or artificial additives. Our products are as natural as possible. This is one of the main reasons that our raw sausage products are sold as frozen products. Vacuum packing and freezing the product immediately after production ensures that the product remains fresh, increases the shelf life of the product without compromising food safety and taste and almost eliminates product wastage.

Any products in stock which are approaching their best before date are donated to local charity organisations. The charity organisations redistribute the products to persons who are less fortunate in life.

Any products that are returned to our business are disposed of by a company specialising in the environmentally friendly disposal of food products.

The meat that is left in the equipment used to make the sausage is approximately 1.7kg after every production run. This meat is collected and used to produce meatballs, meat patties or pre-spiced mincemeat packs and sold to our customers at cost price.

When cleaning the equipment all the excess meat left over in the equipment is collected before the machine is washed. The amount of meat left in the equipment varies from 200g to 300g with every production run. This meat is used to feed our own domestic pets and those of our friends and neighbours.

A fine mesh net is placed into the drains to trap and collect small particles of meat when the machines are washed. This helps to prevent any unusable meat from entering the wastewater system. The net is disposed of as energy waste.

Food safety and the safety of our customers is top priority during the manufacture, distribution and consumption of our products. We are currently working towards trying to eliminate the use of plastic vacuum packaging. Unfortunately, there is no alternative to using plastic vacuum packaging material at present. We use the smallest, thinnest possible vacuum packs to pack our products. All our vacuum packaging material can safely be disposed of as energy waste.

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