Our Story

Sausages Finland Oy is a  family run business situated in Tampere, Finland, the home town of Mustamakkara (black sausage).

I learned the art of making sausage, dried meat (biltong) and chutney as a young child from my Aunt and Uncle who who owned the farm, Minhoop, in the Babanango area of the current Kwazulu Natal, South Africa. These skills have been handed down from person to person for at least six generations (150 years). The recipes that we use are old family recipes that have been tried, tested and perfected.

Our goal is to provide excellent quality, traditionally made products. Our products are made to order with the freshest ingredients available. As far as possible the ingredients are sourced locally in Finland and all of our products are produced in Tampere. After production our products are fast frozen to lock in the freshness.

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