Cooking Sausage

The suggested internal cooking temperature is 160°F/71°C but pricking the sausage to insert the thermometer probe will release the juices if it done too early and too often, making the sausage dry. Make a judgement call rather.

Frying Pan

Do not boil the sausage before frying it. Lightly coat the bottom of the frying pan with vegetable oil or olive oil. Use only enough oil to prevent the sausage sticking in the pan. Gently fry the sausage until it is a golden brown color on both sides. It will take about ±6 minutes (thin sausage) or ±10 minutes (thick sausage), per side to cook. Be careful not to burst or break the sausage when turning it.

Cooking time (juicy) ±12 mins (thin sausage), ±20 mins (thick sausage), (well done) ±20 mins (thin sausage), ±30mins (thick sausage)


Do not boil the sausage before grilling it. Heat the oven to about 200C. Rub the outside of the sausage with a light coating of vegetable oil or olive oil and place the sausage in an oven pan or dish. Make sure that the dish is large enough as the sausage will swell when cooking. Turn the sausage over after about ±6 minutes-thin or ±10 minutes-thick. Be careful not to break or burst the sausage when turning it.

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