The Best Mistake

There are a lot of sausage recipes out there on the internet and in books. It should be relatively easy to pick out one recipe and make the sausage. Surely someone must have discovered the “perfect” recipe? Been looking for that recipe for many years. I have tried hundreds of recipes. Most of them were good, some were excellent but somehow they did not do it for me, my wife and customers. They were not quite what we were looking for.

Over the last few weeks I upped the ante for trying to make the “perfect” pork sausage and eureka, I think I may have it, but strangely the recipe came as an absolute, total accident.

I had been trying bigger quantities of spice, smaller quantities of spice, adding other spices. It never occured to me to at all to try less spice or maybe even to maybe leave some spices out. Recently I was in a rush preparing a recipe for a customer totally by mistake I left some ingedients out and put a little bit less of the rest of the ingredients.

In dread, I made a few little meatballs and cooked them planning to try to figure out a way to correct my error. To my surprise the result was awesome. A good tasting, well balanced sausage mix. I completed the batch and then used a few of my friends as guinea pigs. The result was conclusive. A really good sausage. Numerous friends have told me “great sausage”, “Wonderfully good sausage especially with beer” but what has been a common quality is that all the kids seemed to love it. What has really convinced me though, is that one of my friends told me that his kids, who are not really fans of sausage, actually started fighting over who would get the last piece of sausage and that it nearly became ugly.

Let’s face it people, if kids, who are normally fussy when it comes to eating, love it. Who better to judge the product.

In short, for all the sausage making fans out there, more is not always better. Don’t be afraid to taste your mistakes. Hopefully this will be the best mistake I have ever made.


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