Sausages Finland Update

We have had a rather busy summer and our brand and visibility has improved in leaps and bounds.

In May we opened and own factory in Tampere and successfully registered as a fully authorised, independent sausage manufacturer in Finland and received a licence number from Evira, the Finnish food control administration.

In July we had our mandatory OIVA bi-annual inspection. Oiva is a system that communicates the results of food control to consumers. The OIVA inspection is carried out on behalf of Evira by the local municipal food hygiene authority and the results are published online as Oiva reports, which indicate the level of the company’s food safety by means of smileys. We achieved a full house of smileys.

During the summer, we appeared at a number of music festivals where we cooked and sold selected products to the hungry music fans. Most notable were the Saariblues and Saarhelvetti festivals where our products were a big hit with the fans.

We have been granted permission to use the “Hyvää Suomesta” product label to indicate to consumers that our products are a Finnish product, uses Finnish ingredients and is produced totally in Finland.

We were one of fifty companies selected to participate in the Suomalainen Menestysresepti -innovaatiopaja to enable small companies to work with store chains in Finland.

Our market has expanded to Helsinki and Turku, our Facebook page has finally been published ( and we also have an Instagram account (

All in all we have had a really successful summer and hope that we continue on our current path.

Thank you to all our supporters. Without all of you we could not have done this.

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