What makes a good sausage?

Sausage can be cooked for breakfast, lunch and supper. Leftovers make a great in between snack either cold or warmed up.

Generally sausages purchased from a licensed home producer, small scale producer or a butcher are far better quality than the mass produced sausages bought from supermarkets. Some supermarkets sell sausages purchased from local butchers or licensed home producers from their delicatessen counters.

A good sausage contains a high proportion of meat. Fat is important in a sausage because fat helps to keep the sausage held together and prevents it from disintegrating when it cooked. Having said this, the sausage should not contain too much fat. The fat used needs to be soluble fat and should melt when the sausage is cooked.

Besides meat and a little bit of fat, sausages need to have spices. The spice will be determined by the type of sausage and the type of meat that is used. Many sausage makers feel the need to use loads of spices. Sausages should be spiced with care and adding loads of spice does not necessarily improve the taste of the sausage or make it a better sausage.

Some sausages also include rusk and water. Sausages that contain a lot of rusk and water will shrink when cooked. As we know, water and hot fat do not mix too well and sausages containing too much water will explode. Pricking the sausage well before cooking can prevent the sausage from exploding as it will release the pressure.

Having said this, including a bit of rusk in the sausage helps to keep the sausage texture light and soft and keeps the sausage succulent because the rusk absorbs the juices and keeps them in the sausage.

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