Exciting Times Ahead

Today is a big day for Sausages Finland. We finally own our own sausage factory!!

I was taught to make boerewors as a young child by my aunt and uncle who owned a farm in the named Minhoop in the Babanago district of Kwazulu Natal, South Africa. Throughout my teenager years and adult life I kept up with  making boerewors and successfully made different types of sausages as experiments.

At the beginning of 1999 we moved to Finland to start a new life. After our first long, cold winter spring finally arrived and with it warmer weather. We had our first braai (BBQ) but something was missing – BOERWORS!! I went down to the local market place where I managed to beg one meter of intestine from one of the butchers there. Armed with the intestine I went to the supermarket and purchased some beef, pork and spices and returned home.

At this late stage it suddenly dawned on me that I needed to be able to stuff the mix into the sausage skin. Off I went to shop again. Eventually I managed to find an old fashioned hand mincing machine. Next I made a funnel for the mincing using a piece of plastic tube, the top of a plastic bottle and some epoxy glue. I was now ready to rock and roll. In a few hours the first batch of boerewors was successfully made.  A very successful BBQ followed. Over the years my friends and colleagues tasted the boerewors and loved it. My wife Roslyn wanted pork sausage so I made her some using an old family recipe. Some friends visiting us also tried it and loved it. Very fast my hobby grew and it became almost impossible to make boerewors and sausage for all my friends an colleagues. My hobby was growing too big to keep with.

Horror of horrors, I was retrenched from my job in late 2016. I could not find work easily because of my weak language skills. I had to do something. As part of new skills training offered by the company that retrenched me  I was offered an Entrepreneurship course. I joined the course and the idea of making sausage for a living came into being.

After a lot of planning Sausages Finland became a reality in April 2017 when Roslyn and I registered the company. After that I was making sausage as a subcontractor to a local food distributor. I was also able to apply for a production permit based on this company’s permit. Finally I was a sausage producer. I rented their premises by the hour and started to make sausages for my customers and soon realised that this was way too expensive. I tried subcontracting my production to other companies but this became risky as these companies started to show interest in my recipes. As a result, planning for our own factory started.

The bureaucracy was horrendous and added to that was my lack of Finnish language skills. Still Roslyn and I persisted and after many months of planning, battling bureaucracy, stressing and sleepless nights our dream became reality. From today we now own our own approved sausage production facility in Tampere, Finland.

I would like to thank everybody that has encouraged me to continue and hope that you will continue to support us into the future.

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