Some Awesome Ways to Serve Pork Sausage

Lately I have been experimenting and thinking  about different ways to present and serve a pork sausage so that the end result is something that looks pleasing when served and leaves an impression taste wise.

A mound of creamy mashed potatoes, not mushy but not too stiff and dry either, two fried or grilled pork bangers served on top the mash with a some fried onion and nice onion flavoured gravy poured over the top – great!!

Fried or grilled pork sausage, a fried egg or two and nice crispy french fries. A nice breakfast you may say. Breakfast yes, but also an equally good lunch or even supper. A cholesterol boost in an instant. Once in a while though it should not be a problem.

What about a brown dog? “Brown dog, what’s that?” you may ask. Try this. Grill or pan fry some nice pork sausages so that they are golden brown. Saute some onions. Add some mushroom if you wish. Slice a baguette roll long ways, you can butter the roll lightly or not. Add some of your favourite mustard to the roll, pop in the sausage, add the onion or the onion and mushroom into the roll, and it’s ready, a brown dog! Add a salad on the side or some french fries, or both. Wonderful!

My wife says I have weird taste buds but I challenge you to try this!!

It is an old German tradition to eat pork and sauerkraut on New Year’s day. Sauerkraut is seen as a sign of longevity, wealth and happiness and it was said “may you have as much wealth and happiness as there are shreds of cabbage in the pot.” Having said this a new firm favourite of mine is warm sauerkraut with a grilled or fried pork banger on top, served with small side of salad and a good mustard. I have only two words to describe this dish “Absolutely awesome!!”

If you want to make some home made sauerkraut visit the recipes page on the web site. It is really easy to make and the reward is huge. The result is a natural product made with fresh ingredients and best of all contains no preservatives.

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  1. Here are some comments from my informal sausage taste test.

    The city came in to cut down our over 100 year old birch tree. Then a good friend came over with his electric saw to cut it into pieces so we could cut it into fire wood. I promised a meal and I knew it better be something. So I made a big pot of homemade sauerkraut with ribs and sausages. It was delicious and I know I’ll be able to call in a favor again soon.

    We “tested” three kinds of sausage. One from beef, one from pork with apple and sage and another pork, described as a “Jimmie Dean” style. There were five of us, my hard working friend and his wife, another food loving friend with strong opinions, my 23 year old son and me. We had a feast and here are our opinions.( there weren’t too many comments we were too busy eating and as you may agree, people tend to say more when they are complaining and less when they’re satisfied.)

    Beef Sausage:
    -“Good texture”
    -“better than anything you can get at the Market Hall”
    -“Less flavorful than the pork”

    Jimmie Dean style pork sausage:
    “My favorite”

    Apple Sage:
    “I would appreciate more fat”
    “Texture could be more course”

    More comments:
    “He should make some lamb sausage”
    “I would like a really spicy sausage”

  2. I guess that the new taste teaser that I dropped off on Friday may do the trick for “more spicey”. I suggest they also try the Chorizo fresco picante. It is nice and tasty with a bite.

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